Sharon Hinton Smith

A New, Original Song by Sharon Hinton Smith

"Dancing on Daddy's Shoes" is a touching original song which beautifully honors the daddy - daughter relationship. The imagery of little feet being swayed atop daddy's evokes memories even beyond that sweet moment in time. It is a true celebration of father's and all that they represent in the lives of their children. The beautiful orchestration, touching lyrics, and melodic sway creates the perfect father daughter dance. Sharon's smooth vocals and the intricate harmonies awaken an inner warmth to perfectly celebrate that special father daughter bond.


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"I Cry Aloud for You" CD

Featuring her original hit I Cry Aloud for You  *

I Cry Aloud for You CD Cover
Photograph by Paula Sorie

This original song, "I Cry Aloud for You" by Sharon Hinton Smith is an incredible song which shows the deep passion that God has for His people. The song is sung as if God is speaking directly to the listener. Sharon's rich smooth vocals cry out the passion of the lyrics from the very heart of God.

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"I Cry Aloud of You" has been overlaid on a movie track from "The Gospel of John". Listen to our video while watching the powerful imagery of the film, which focuses on Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross for all humanity. We highly recommend you purchase and watch this beautiful movie!

This music video story is great any time of the year, but especially at Easter!


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" "Wow! Sharon has a beautiful voice! It has the same tone and richness of Karen Carpenter's voice, but prettier."

Tracy Early, Worship Leader
Mountain View Baptist Church


..sings with a deep and real joy...

I hope you and yours are doing well.

Last week, I heard a great compliment of you and how you present your talent. They said, " She always sings with a deep and real joy emitting from her. You will always feel good as you hear her sing".



..simply OVER-THE-TOP!

Dear Sharon,

Thanks so much for your fabulous musical presentation for our precious MOPS Moms yesterday! It was simply OVER-THE-TOP!!!!!!!!!!

The ladies all enjoyed it so much. It made those whose husbands are deployed feel special, also!

Appreciate YOU!

Love you,



I know it will touch a lot of people.

" Sharon, I just listened to your CD and it is absolutely beautiful! I especially like the song you wrote. I know it will touch a lot of people. "

Sue Y.


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